Start with $10,000 and go for 5 rounds.

Each round, trade a random stock for 60 days, using historical data from 1962 to 2012.

At each point in time, you can only buy or sell the stock using all the money in your portfolio.

Try to make as much money as possible!



Round of 5

Round of 5


1999-01-01 to 1991-03-01

Your portfolio changed ending with

The stock itself changed over the same period.

Final Results

Your cumulative gain was .

As a baseline, if you had simply bought and held each stock every round, your cumulative gain would be .

You beat the baseline / times, or % of the time.

Your gains compared to the baseline were .

This game is inspired by the Trading Game from Bloomberg, except it fixes a major flaw where you can predict the stock price from camera movements. Instead, this game shows a standard candlestick chart, which eliminates the camera movement flaw.

Also, many more stocks are supported, and the user interface is different.

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